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Benefits of Using Technology to Control Your Electricity

Here are some of the benefits: Lighting controls provide NYC businesses with energy efficiency, cost savings, and better energy management.
January 6, 2022
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Technology, automation, and lighting controls are the future of managing commercial buildings.

Lighting control systems come with a number of benefits, including lowering maintenance costs, reducing electricity bills, doing it remotely, and saving money in the long run!

This article will discuss why your business needs to use technology and automation for lighting controls.

Types of Commercial Lighting Control Systems

Lighting control systems can be used for a number of purposes, including human comfort and efficiency.

Here are two different types of commercial lighting control systems your business could consider:

Human-centric Lighting

Commercial spaces are increasingly being built or converted to human-centric lighting or circadian lighting, which considers how lighting affects occupant well-being, productivity, and comfort in the home and commercial building environment.

LEDs are crucial to human-centric lighting design.

LEDs enhance productivity, and with the multitude of LED options, they are designed to help support human circadian needs.

Adjusting the temperature or color of the lights to mirror the sun’s illumination and time of day may reduce energy costs and improve well-being by stimulating natural rhythms.

Smart Lighting Controls

Smart Lighting Controls - KEC

In addition to human-centric lighting, smart lighting controls are a great way to save money and reduce stress for building occupants.

Occupancy sensors can detect when a space has people in it and automatically turn off attached lighting systems when the room’s occupants exit.

Increasingly, smart LED lighting is available from a variety of manufacturers. Numerous firms offer smart LED lighting that is highly adaptable and can create any desired atmosphere or mood.

There are options for LED illumination products that may be altered using the full-color spectrum, including 16 million colors.

Light sensors can also be activated at certain times of day or night to save energy. An example is occupancy sensor switches in bathrooms and boardrooms, which turn off automatically when a room becomes vacant.

This helps reduce energy consumption for periods when no people are present in the space while still ensuring that they remain lit for safety reasons throughout the day.

Top 3 Benefits of Commercial Lighting Control Systems

Lighting control systems help businesses better manage lighter for efficiency, personal comfort, and operational needs.

Energy Efficiency for Your Business

Smart technology helps to automate the day-to-day operations of commercial enterprises. Business owners may turn on the lights, open the shades, adjust the building’s temperature, arm security, lock doors, and more.

All of these actions can be completed by the use of a computer, tablet, or smartphone. The efficiency of building management is increased while operational costs are reduced by shutting down systems when not needed.

Smart technology enables business owners to save money and time by eliminating many daily tasks usually completed by the owner or property managers, such as adjusting lighting throughout the day or opening and closing window coverings to keep a space at a comfortable temperature.

Another benefit is that some of these systems can automatically update and notify you when something may need attention (such as plumbing or HVAC issues) which means you won’t have to worry about it!

Increased Commercial Security Systems

Building owners may choose to integrate smart security systems, such as security cameras, alarms, door locks, and other devices, as part of a smart building system to monitor and secure an office complex, hotel, or retail space.

Like the remote building temperature, lighting, and energy management, buildings can be armed and disarmed remotely via phone or computer.

Smart systems can notify property managers and building owners via text message or email if abnormal behavior or activity is detected. Access to specific areas within a facility may be restricted to certain people at particular times, reducing the risk of theft or safety hazards.

Building automation allows security systems to operate at their full potential by integrating them with other devices to increase safety and allow for better management using technology.

Better Energy Management and Profitability

Smart building technologies enable commercial business owners to save and monitor energy expenses on a large scale. Lights, computers, and climate controls can be set to automatically adjust based on weather and seasonal changes or switched off in unused meeting rooms and retail stores after hours—resulting in significant utility cost savings.

Building and business owners are aware of energy consumption’s impact on profitability. One option for business owners with automated systems is Z-Wave technology.

Z-Wave works similarly to Wi-Fi systems and wireless communication systems. This monitors electrical consumption from each room in a building and integrates with other smart technology products to complete tasks such as automatically turning the power supply on or off, helping to conserve energy.

Technology and automation are ideal for reducing electricity bills.

One reason to use dimmable lighting in your building is that it reduces energy consumption when compared with standard incandescent light bulbs. If you have many lights in your business, this can add up to reduce the amount you need to pay each month.

Maintaining Commercial Lighting in Manhattan

The use of smart technology to control your building management is especially significant to buildings in New York City.

The New York City Energy Conservation Code for Commercial Buildings is an ordinance that regulates the design, construction, and use of buildings throughout New York City.

The code establishes minimum energy efficiency standards for new commercial buildings and major renovations to existing structures. It also requires building owners to submit a report every three years on compliance with the code’s provisions.

The goal behind these laws is simple: helping to preserve the environment by reducing energy consumption.

There are many ways to reduce your energy consumption. Still, one of the easiest places to start is by looking at “retrofitting” your existing building with help from Kleinknecht Electric Company.

Commercial Lighting with Kleinknecht Electric Company

Technology and automation can make a big difference in how you design or update an old building! The NYC Energy Conservation Code requires all new and old commercial structures to meet specific minimum efficiency standards for water heating, air conditioning, and ventilation systems.

Integrating the use of smart technology as part of building management is crucial for building owners wishing to meet NYC energy standards.

At Kleinknecht Electric Company, we understand how important technology and automation are to reduce your maintenance costs.

If your building holds many lights or electronics, the chances are that there will be many problems needing to be fixed—which means hiring an electrician on staff or repeatedly paying for service calls.

However, if you use technology and automation in your business - things like dimmable lighting, occupancy sensors in your office, hallway lights, and smart technology—you can cut down on the amount of maintenance required.

If you want more information on how technology to control your building can work for your business, talk with our electricians who specialize in control engineering today!


Lighting control systems, like human-centric lighting, lighting automation, and smart control sensors, come with a number of benefits, including:

  • Lowering maintenance costs
  • Reducing electricity bills
  • Remote energy controls
  • Better energy management
  • Increased commercial security
  • Increased profitability

Retrofitting or upgrading your current energy system to automated lighting controls will also help your business stay compliant under NYC’s Energy Conservation ordinance for commercial buildings.

Kleinknecht Electric Company can help business owners integrate smart technology as part of building management and to meet NYC energy standards.

Talk with our electricians who specialize in control engineering today!

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