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Electrical Preventative Maintenance Tips for Your Commercial Building

Preventative maintenance is important to the longevity of any electrical system in a commercial building. Here are some tips for you.
December 13, 2021
Electrician - KEC

As a valuable commodity, electricity is a basic essential for businesses and commercial buildings. Commercial buildings rely on electricity for running day-to-day operations and providing safety and security for employees, sensitive information or products, inventory, and visitors to the site.

Preventative maintenance from a licensed electrician provides increased safety and energy efficiency to the building and those who use the facility daily.

Some commercial property owners have taken to providing a few energy awareness tips for their employees. One such tip is to make sure you turn off or unplug any devices that need electricity when not in use (such as cell phones, laptops, and monitors).

These are great energy-saving tips, but how about ensuring that your building’s electricity is in good working order? At Kleinknecht Electric Company, we have you covered.

Electrical preventative maintenance refers to routine checkups that also serve to prevent damage by inspecting electrical devices and components and is vital to ensuring that your commercial electrical system is operating to its maximum efficiency in the safest and environmentally responsible way.

We want to give you an idea of the basic approach to preventative maintenance and our best preventative maintenance tips for your commercial building to keep your building’s electrical system functioning properly and safely. Read on to find out more!

Commercial Building Preventative Maintenance

Even despite an efficient commercial establishment, preventative maintenance ensures that it is safe and energy-efficient, providing sufficient energy for its purpose while adhering to NYC Energy codes.

Preventative maintenance programs typically follow a set of procedures that perform the following tasks:

  • Inspect all building areas, including offices, kitchens, boardrooms, lounges, hallways, and bathrooms.
  • A thorough examination of inlets, outlets, circuit breakers, panelboards, and the electrical distribution system.
  • Inspections of commercial feeders and various pieces of electrical equipment.
  • Inspections and repairs of commercial electrical systems, including capacitors, wiring manifolds, and transformers.
  • Review of indoor and outdoor lighting
  • Many electrical systems (such as Class I, II, and III) require regular maintenance to ensure they are operating safely and effectively. A licensed electrician will assess your systems periodically and take action items for improvement if necessary.
  • Check the primary points of control for signs of overheating and deterioration.
  • Torque test and inspect electrical connections to specified levels.
  • Inspect transformers
  • Surveys of special occupancy units before and after a tenancy.
  • Once a power meter is shut down for maintenance, ensure it’s in good working condition before turning it back on.
  • Check the indicator lights, sensors, and warning systems to verify they are operating correctly.
  • Ensure the circuits for transformers rated over 1,000 volts have adequate protection.
  • Ensure that all room circuits have an adequate rating for the machinery connected.

Creating a Preventive Maintenance Checklist for Electrical Systems in Commercial Buildings

The idea behind preventive maintenance is to perform minor repairs and checks before the end of a piece of equipment’s life cycle instead of waiting for it to break and then needing emergency repairs.

For any maintenance checklist for a commercial building to reduce energy and emissions, commercial building owners need to consider critical factors. A building that has been taken care of by a licensed electrician can reduce energy costs, potential risk factors, and environmental concerns.

Other Benefits of Having a Licensed Electrician Perform Preventative Maintenance

Check for Defects

Electrician - KEC

When maintaining a commercial establishment, it’s important to stay on top of electrical safety measures. Protective devices are in place for most modern commercial building power supplies, but they’re still susceptible to failure.

You can prevent system failure by making sure your business has an effective electrical preventive maintenance program.

The most common defect in electrical components is when they overheat, fail to start, or stop running altogether.

The best way to maintain your commercial building for safety and efficiency is by taking preventative measures with a licensed electrician’s help.

You will better protect your building from hazards that disrupt the power supply, such as lightning strikes, tripped circuit breakers, worn-out parts, and burning insulation.

As your local licensed electrician, we can also inspect your commercial building’s wiring for defects or damage.

We will also make sure that any necessary repairs are completed in a timely fashion so that your power supply is always running smoothly. Don’t wait until it’s too late. Instead, contact us to schedule regular preventative maintenance.

Save Lives

Neglecting electrical maintenance can result in death, injury, or property destruction. Periodic inspections by a professional will help eliminate this problem before it gets out of hand.

One of our licensed electricians will look for and repair charred outlets, loose plugs, and failing breakers, as these are signs that you may need a major electrical overhaul further down the road.

Save Money

While the most crucial reason to invest in routine electrical maintenance is safety, the second most important reason is money.

Think of your business as a car.

Some car owners will never miss an oil change; they have the car in for an inspection once a year, keep it clean, and give it great care.

These owners will find that their car will last them years. Other car owners will drive their new car off the lot and never take it to a professional until broken down.

They ignore the engine light and turn up the music every time they hear a nondescript rattle. Give it a couple of years, and these cars will be undrivable, rendering their owners stranded and forced to pay big money to fix them.

Your electrical system is much like that. Maintenance ensures that your entire system will last longer, so you don’t have to fork out the money for a complete overhaul.

How Often Should I Have Electrical Preventative Maintenance?

So now you know why electrical maintenance is essential, it’s time to talk specifics. While it does depend on your home or business and the electrical demands that the structure has, we recommend you have an inspection done once a year. Have an electrical expert come in to test and examine your electrical panel and share with them any concerns you may have. They will be able to assess and diagnose any issues that are current or oncoming.

With our comprehensive checklist of maintenance items and our skilled electrical experts, your building’s electrical system will last longer, and operate more efficiently, thereby saving you any downtime and money in the long run. We can complete these tasks quickly while working on any other projects that may also need our attention.

Ensure your business is safe, energy-efficient, and up to code by having one of our electricians visit your site for a routine inspection. If it has been more than a year since your building had a visit from a licensed professional,  contact Kleinknecht Electric Company!


Electrical preventative maintenance refers to routine checkups that also serve to prevent damage by inspecting electrical devices and components.

Preventative maintenance involves a checklist for annual or biannual check-ups, and often includes:

  • Commercial feeders and transformer inspection
  • Commercial electrical systems inspection, including capacitors, wiring manifolds, and transformers.
  • Reviewing indoor and outdoor lighting
  • Regular maintenance for Class I, II, and III systems
  • Check primary points of control for signs of overheating and deterioration
  • Torque tests

Ensure your business is safe, energy-efficient, and up to code by having one of our electricians visit your site for a routine inspection.

Contact Kleinknecht Electric Company to start your regular commercial preventative maintenance schedule today!

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