Cleaning Air in Closed Spaces: Fresh Air Ionization and UV lighting

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With the global pandemic and its worldwide shutdown seemingly in our rearview mirrors, business owners everywhere are looking for ways to prevent the spread of germs inside their buildings and to minimize the impact of the coronavirus.

In conjunction with fresh air ionization, UV lights can sterilize the air that comes into your ducts to provide improved indoor air quality (IAQ).

Since the air quality in your business is extremely important, consider UV lighting as an affordable method for improving your IAQ. Keep your office air fresh, clean, and clear of particulates.

Why Should You Care About IAQ?

COVID-19 has highlighted how quickly viruses spread. As businesses are reopening in the US, many business owners need to take steps to ensure indoor air quality and employee or customer comfort levels are met.

Assessing your indoor air quality will allow you to identify if your building is letting in more allergens, pollutants, or contaminants. You can also install portable and easy-to-operate systems that clean particulates that are invisible to the naked eye, like viruses and airborne bacteria.

We often do not think about the bacteria that build up in our HVAC systems because we can’t see the air we breathe. However, HVAC systems do contribute to indoor air pollution, especially when ventilation is inadequate. Poor IAQ can cause or exacerbate respiratory problems and cause contagious microorganisms to spread.

UV light air purifiers and air ionizers can minimize the spread of airborne viruses and stop airborne allergens and pollutants from causing illnesses associated with sick building syndrome.

What is UV Light for Indoor Air Cleaning?

Most people associate UltraViolet (UV) light with harmful rays that come from the sun. However, UV light comprises three different wavelength types: UV-A, UV-B, and UV-C. Each wavelength type does something differently; UV-C plays an essential role in some forms of air purification.

UV-C is commonly known as a germicide. It attacks harmful microorganisms by changing their DNA. Without UV-C filtration, these microorganisms would make their way into your business and get people sick.

When you have a UV light air purifier installed in your HVAC system, the UV lights will sterilize, disinfect and purify the air of these contaminants.

How Does a Fresh Air Ionizer Help Purify the Air?

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Air ionizers emit ions that help the UV light air purifier stop harmful microorganisms from circulating inside your business.

Here’s how it works:

Oxygen molecules combine with other elements to make up the air we breathe.

So when the oxygen in your building passes through the UV light air filter, it looks to bond with other elements. To bond oxygen molecules to particles, the air ionizer charges the outgoing air with electromagnetism. This allows the oxygen to bond with these other particles quickly.

So, when this air passes through the UV light air purifier again via circulation, it is easy to catch and stop recirculating particles.

The addition of a fresh air ionizer to the UV light air purifier for your building will increase the cleanliness of your IAQ by trapping the contaminants in the air.

How a UV Light Air Purifier and Air Ionizer Helps Your IAQ

It is crucial to use a UV light air purifier with an air ionizer to protect your business and your employees from harmful air particulates, poor IAQ, viruses, allergens, and other debris that can get into your business.

Installing a UV light air purifier with an air ionizer as part of your business’s HVAC system can improve your IAQ by minimizing the recirculation of pollutants, allergens, and airborne illnesses like COVID-19.

A UV light and air ionizer installed in your HVAC system can purify and filter the air reducing the recirculation of:

Because the air is neutralized and sterilized rather than being destroyed with harmful chemicals, the IAQ is improved. These systems are so effective that UV lights are already standard in hospitals and labs to disinfect surfaces and instruments.

If you currently have an air filter attached to your business’s HVAC system, your space is currently protected against dust and other larger airborne pollutants (like pet hair) that might circulate. These filters won’t stop microscopic airborne particles like viruses and bacteria.

Improve Your Air Quality with Kleinknecht Electric Company

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Using UV-C light and an air ionizer in your business’s HVAC system can reduce the number of airborne particulates in your workspace. As a result, you will be protecting your employees and anyone who uses the building regularly.

Many commercial buildings and facilities use closed air with older and inadequate ventilation. Therefore, the spread of airborne microorganisms is higher. However, with UV lighting and fresh air ionization, you can remove a large number of bacteria, viruses, mold, and microorganisms that a traditional air filter can't catch.

Kleinknecht Electric Company can help add UV lights and an air ionizer to your HVAC system to add a layer of sanitization and air purification.

Contact us to discuss how you can benefit from UV light and air ionization for your business.

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